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Fidget figure - Hercules beetle

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Product description

Beetle buddy that you can hold in your hand

Product details

Made from epoxy casting resin with a UV resin glaze on top to protect the paint (and give that fantastic glossy look!).
These figures are made by hand from start to finish. Even tho I use a silicone mold for casting, there are slight differences between all the figures. These guys are siblings, not clones c: 
The painted marking inside the neck/head is random. It could be shaped like a star, a heart or something completely different! 

Figure has two small magnets on the neck, so you're able to turn the head or remove it completely. (Don't worry this won't hurt the beetle)
Because of this feature I decided to call these beetles fidget figures. They are mainly art figures meant for decoration, but you are able to fiddle with them if you want to. I keep mine by my computer desk for this very reason.

Figure measurements: 
- length  7cm
- higth  6cm
- width 3.5cm

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