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Who am I?

Hi nice to meet you! 

My name is Tane and I'm the single owner of Blushing Beetle and the designer/creator of all the brand's clothing and other products. I wanted to add this page to tell a bit more about myself and my little company. 

Picture by Aniki

I've always been a creative person, whose mind seems to change more often than the pair of socks I'm wearing. I get bored very quickly if I have to follow the same certain pattern. So it wasn't all that surprising that I got interested in the freedom and possibilities of entrepreneuring and actually had my first taste of it as a teenager, when I started making tailored costumes. What started as a fun hobby, ended up growing into something much larger and it was that, that made me think about my career more seriously.

I didn't want to categorize myself, nor my business into a certain role. Sewing or art? Heck I want both!

So Blushing beetle was born from my greed of free expression and stubbornness to fit in a one mold. Webstore, clothing brand, artist and sculptor, beetle is all of those things, but above all else it's my way to express myself.

My inspiration comes from nature, cartoons and of course bugs, that I love like crazy. It's no coincidence that the bug-theme repeats in many of the products. After all the whole company is called one. But don't let that deceive you! There are other things for sale that have nothing to do with creepy crawlies.  

I hope in time to expand my product selection, especially with clothing. Right now the premade apparel is very limited with sizing options. I want to offer my products to everyone despite size, so this is something that I really want to work on. Problem is that I have very limited resources since I make all the apparel by hand alone. I'm thinking of adding a option to the store that would allow preorders on custom tailored clothing. You could order a certain desing with your own measurements to ensure the perfect fit. These would be very limited slots tho and only available time to time. This is so that I won't overwork myself and that the products would be made and shipped in a timely manner. Of course this still doesn't fix the sizing issue but would at least be the first step to the right direction.

Most of my products are handmade. Products that are mass manufactured (like stickers) are made either somewhere else in Finland or on some cases in Sweden. All manufacturing is still kept withing EU and I always make sure that the sources I use are as ecological as possible. Same goes for all the materials I use. All the fabric I use are from Finland and for packaging I use either recycled plastic or paper.

Last but not least I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who has personally supported me. I would have never gotten this far without the help from my family, friends and many familiar and unfamiliar people. Blushing beetle is a new adventure in my life and I hope you'll join me to see just where the road leads!

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