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Ropecon 2023!

Blushing Beetle will be selling at Ropecon 28-30.7.2023

I've had quite a bad luck this year at getting dealers table spots, even tho I really wanted to do more in-person selling since Tracon last year was such a success. Ropecon 2023 is the only confirmed convention atm that I'll be selling at, so if you've been wanting to see and touch my art, this is your chance! 

I'll be at the dealers den for the whole convention weekend (and I pray I have enough stock for 3 days..) and I've made couple brand new items that you can buy at the con. Those include 3 new linoprints, couple new digital prints and the fun wooden pins. I'm going to try and sew more showcrowns to sell and if I'm able to be super productive, perhaps the beetle backpack I've shown in tiktok will be for sale at the table too? All depends on how I'm able to juggle my dayjob shifts with my business stuff.

It would be super neat if you could come and say hi! Me (and my unfortunate helper aka sibling) can be found at table B61

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