Welcome back international visitors! <3

New year, new look

After a long break, the webstore is back with a fresh new look. Along with the webshop changes, I also had to make some.

It's crazy to think that the year has changed and were already on March. When I originally set the shop to a ''momentary winter hibernation'', I really didn't plan on stretching it this long. I guess I'm just that terrible when it comes to sticking to my own schedules. So it's more than likely that something like this could happen again. 
After starting a regular day job, I've had to make big cuts in the time I spend on the company. By time, I mean everything from planning, manufacturing and using social media, and ofc maintaining the website. Basically everything that has to do with Blushing Beetle. However, I am not sad about this, but instead very relieved. Running a smallbusiness (especially in Finland) is frankly expensive and tiring. The fact that my own company specializes in art and various crafts doesn't make it any easier. I am nowhere near the point where I would make a profit and could safely employ myself. So the salary that hits my account every month has been a great salvation, especially when the time to pay the rent is approaching.
Quite a long tangent to try and excuse my own delays..

In any case, the online store is open to visitors again. I haven't made any massive changes, I just gave the platform a new nicer look and started a massive discount campaign. So far the only new products that'd been added are the kenkäkruunu's (shoe crowns), that I've been teasing about for the longest time. There will be a lot of different versions of them coming this spring/summer, so not just wings to decorate the edge of the shoe, but more info on that at a later date.

WIP of some mushroom pins

Lastly, I also wanted to mention my plans for the future and how I want to run my shop going forward. I feel that when I annitially started, I made a big mistake when I tried to give a professional image of the company. Or maybe faceless would describe it better. I tried to write in a way that sounds like a soulless corporation and to me it just feels cold and distant. So that's going to stop completely, and instead I'm just going to write and respond to people the same way I would on my day-to-day life.

Besides that, I would like to write more news/blog posts here!
This has always been possible as a function, but I have only used it once. I don't think I'm talented at writing, so no one has to read these mindless ramblings. I just thought that this could be a nice way to share longer updates about different projects I'm working on, as well as to show wip pictures and sketches.

Like these studies and sketches of the fish print

After all I have so many ideas, that there should be enough material for posts.
Now I'm running out of time to write this. Being a smart kid, I stalled doing this until the very end. Soon I should be opening access to the online store. (30 minutes to the opening if we're being precise :D)
Thank you for reading and for visiting my website!

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